Saturday, June 25, 2011


I got my own domain, so you can start to find new posts at change your bookmarks :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


When the crew pointed their camera towards the corner, they saw that sexy Alfred Alessa and horny Erick Milano had already started their own party with Alfred licking his way down from Erick’s pouty, full lips, across his neck and down to his already hard nips until they rested on the already leaking head of Erick’s throbbing, uncut bone. Moving to the couch, they could barely stop kissing to get each other’s clothes off, but Erick’s throat was feeling lonely and Alfred’s cock fixed that. But Alfred’s hole was in need of a company as well and Erick was happy to bend him over and fill him to the balls, staying deep inside as he flipped Alfred over onto his back for an even deeper drilling. Fucking furiously, with Alfred thrusting up to meet every powerful thrust of Erick’s, Alfred cranked out a thick white load all over his abs and was soon joined by Erick’s pelting of even more jizz. 


The newest arrival on the Broke Straight Boy's futon is Eric Knight . He is 20 years old with thick dark hair, brown eyes and hails from Mississippi. Eric is here to earn some money that he can put towards some fines he received relating to when he stole some alcohol, along with some friends, from a shop back when he was 16 years. As he is bisexual, Eric has been with both men and women but this will be his first time in front of a camera, however, Eric quite shyly explained that he was good at sex so he wasn't too worried about performing for an internet audience.


A Candid Interview Turns Hot

The much anticipated Cody Cummings interview is finally here! This is your chance to hear the illustrious porn mega-star answer juicy, burning questions. And if you didn't notice that cameraman, Patrick Rouge, becoming aroused, you'll be shocked at what happens. 

"What do you do on your own time?" "Are guys or girls better at sucking cock?" "Will you ever top or bottom on camera?" Hear Cody answer each of these and more in this candid peek. And when Cody agrees to show off his method for getting his behemoth dick hard, Patrick jumps in to help him by bobbing and slurping on that thick meat pole. Don't miss this unprecedented peep into the life of porn's sexiest hunk. And stick around to watch Cody erupt all over Patrick's waiting chest. 


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Suite703 calls itself the "ultimate gay fantasy site". They have broken down their site into four different sections or fantasies I guess. They have Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks - for sporty, athletic studs (which is better than the original title "Mediocre Jocks, So-so Cocks"), Men Hard At Work - for office and work place sex that you could never really partake in without an eventual lawsuit, My Brother's Hot Friend - because older, straight brothers always have hot friends (I never had a brother, but I had older cousins and they did indeed have some cute friends whose cocks I might have sucked if I could), and finally we have I'm A Married Man - where, in case you couldn't guess, married men cheat on their wives and have slutty gay sex! And that's where today's video review comes from.

Sexy Trevor Knight, who bares a very scary resemblance to a guy I was in love with, but is better looking, gets a flower delivery from my hometown boy Shane Frost. There's a problem and Trevor invites him to explain the situation. One set of flowers - the puny set - are for his wife, and the big vase is for his boyfriend. That two-timing, no good... Anyway it all needs to be fixed because they wife can't find out. Dirty little Shane thinks he knows how they can correct the situation, he just has to get Trevor naked to do so.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today's offering comes to us from BadPuppy. Did you know that BadPuppy was still around? Well, I did! That's why this site is called "Joe Knows Gay Porn" and not "Joe Knows Crocheting". The only thing I know about crocheting is that a stitch in time saves nine...actually I think that's knitting. So never mind, don't come to me for tips on THAT. Anyway, I remember badpuppy from the early days of the internet when I was on AOL chat cruising the chat rooms as an underage twink and trading porn pix with guys. Ah, the good old days. And that logo with the two puppies, yeah it's cute. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bait Bus likes to take stupid straight boys and turn them into dick loving whores! Just like their mama always wanted. :)


This young boy is boynapped, tied up, and has hot wax dripped all over him. 


Boy Gusher - this guy's big dick gets pump and he's going to shoot a massive load! Otherwise this site shouldn't be called Boy Gusher


I want to win an iPad so you all get to see trailers from Rockettube. This features some hotties at Chaos Men who go at it raw.